Sunday, October 9, 2011

Remember to wipe, but dont flush.

Since beginning this blog we have obviously taken more notice of  how dog owners behave in public.

Today I witnessed something amazing. I had parked my car and began walking toward my friend’s house. On the way, an elderly man’s dog does his number 2 on a lawn where children are playing. Naturally I casually stop to observe and pretend I am on the phone. As the dog/wolf finishes his business the Opa takes something out of his pocket and bends over. I am delighted to see him picking up the poo...than my delight turns to shock, “Opa” has not bent over to pick up the fecal matter! Rather he has taken a baby wipe, yes a baby wipe out of his pocket to clean his pet wolfs back end. He thoroughly wipes “wolf” clean and then simply walks away from the crime scene. Leaving the children a golden opportunity to step in the fresh chocolate pie. How kind of the old man.

This scene sparks my thought process. What kind of man does this? He is nicely dressed and seems like he would be a respectable citizen. What has “opa” taught his children and what is he teaching his grandchildren. Does he teach them to go to the bathroom clean their bum and than simply leave their droppings in the toilet, giving the smell an opportunity to spread through the house? What has he taught them about respecting other people’s property, religions, beliefs and feelings? How many other selfish acts does he believe to be acceptable? 

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