Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are we vigilantes on the Internet?

I began to think are we vigilantes? Are vigilantes ok? Is batman a good guy or a bad guy? Most of us would probably say he is on the good side. What about spider man, the fantastic four, the boondock saints, V from V for Vendetta or the Ninja turtles? Many of us regard these fictitious characters are hero’s.

Hollywood has made Billions of dollars using the idea of people outside the law standing up against the evils of society! We look up to them! So is the idea of Poovenge wrong? No. I think not. Our idea is a peaceful one. Perhaps we are not vigilantes, we are simply two people who want to motivate others to kindly and friendly confront dog owners who feel it is ok to ignore the fact THEIR DOG just defecated in front of a kindergarten. 

How can we do it??? Please comment!

Can we change peoples way of thinking?

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