Sunday, October 30, 2011


Before I tell the next story I would like to note we had the idea for this entire blog/organization after watching the movie “V for Vendetta”. Also note we do not want to harm or punish anyone. However we do want to work together, with you, to confront people and let them know they should reconsider their actions, when leaving there dog feces for others to step in.

So to the story!

I am enjoying a morning coffee on the way to work, and then it happened.
8:32 A black lab leaves a huge brown muffin just beside the curb near a church.

8:32 - 8:33 the dog’s owner slows down his walking pace and pretends to be a very important stock broker (or something he deems important) on a very important phone call, making it ok that he does not notice. Very clever, very very clever Mr. Stock broker. Fool, it is obvious he knows his dog is defecating in front of a church.

8:33 I nearly puke when I smell the rancid odor of the dog’s but butter.  I continue on my way to work.

8:36 I realize the lord is on my side today, (I guess he wants us to clean the streets,
;-)) Black lab and Mr. Important stock broker/ bad actor are still walking in front of me after 4 blocks. They walk the same route as I do to work.  Perfect!

8:39 After five minutes of walking behind Mr. Stock broker he takes his keys out and opens a door to an apartment building only a few blocks from my office. Beautiful, a new idea has been born. 

We decide to take a leaf from the movie V for vendetta.

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